John Safin

John Safin

John Safin has written fiction, humor, political ravings, speeches for top CEO’s, and non-fiction. During the day, he develops methods for his clients to make their businesses better. In addition to his writing talents, John creates promotional collateral, graphics and web site design. John is the founder and 'Grand-Pooh Bah’ of the Writers Round Table Phoenix. Originally from Upstate New York, John moved from Glendale, AZ to Carlsbad, NM where he drinks too much coffee and watches too many cartoons. Email John

  • "The Price of Passion" - An exclusive for DynamicWriters.com

  • "Photo Surprise" - written under a pseudonym

  • "Psychically Single" - Single Scene magazine

  • "Software Training: Variations on a Theme" - Building Profits magazine

  • "What it Takes to Sell a House in Arizona" - a How-to manual for Arizona residents

  • “Hand-held Technology Means One-Touch Data Control” – Constructor magazine

  • "Single Coffee" - Single Scene magazine

  • “Letter of Recommendation” - written under a pseudonym

  • "Project Administrator" - Constructor magazine

  • "Document Imaging: Can You Scan Into the Future?" - Buildings.com

  • "Technology Impact on Your Workforce" - Building Profits magazine

  • “The Raving Customer” – Pressworld.com

  • "There Goes the Paper Trail" - Building Profits magazine

  • Several speech and ghost writing projects

  • Sonoran Mirage Anthology

    Sonoran Mirage with

    contributing author John Safin


    Book Cover Designs

    Sonoran Mirage Anthology  Alien Log

    Tales from Nunavut: Stories from Nunavunga    Facade - Poetry by Kay Meier (1933-2007)

    Tales from Nunavut: Stories from Nunavunga  North to Murder

    more samples


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